Shields have an accomplished history of providing innovative solutions to countless process problems.

We can help you create new projects or assist in new projects. Alternatively, Shields can work around your existing equipment within working plants. Shields can manufacture bespoke products to suit client’s specific products and processes. We can also offer maintenance and service packages to sustain working relationships and ensure your project is running as well as possible.

Here are some examples of materials handling equipment we can produce:

Screw conveyors:

  • Tubular screw conveyors
  • U-trough conveyors
  • Mixing/blending conveyors
  • Different drive configurations
  • Multiple inlet/outlet configurations
  • Flighting: full, paddle bladed and ribbon bladed
  • Manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel

Screw bin dischargers:

  • Single screw
  • Multiple screw
  • Tapered or straight
  • Ribbon flighting for live bin bottoms

Rotary valves:

Non standard valves designed and manufactured

  • Different inlet configurations to reduce product damage without compromising filling capacity.
  • Different vane configurations: scalloped, replaceable blades, closed vanes


  • Various belt and bucket configurations
  • Various head and boot pulleys: rubber coated, cage type, stainless steel
  • Optional ladder and platforms
  • Various boot configurations: stainless, self-clean, automatic tensioning

Chain conveyors:

  • Multiple inlet outlet configurations
  • Optional sprung tensioners
  • Various chain types: standard, shrouded chain, drop forged, plastic flights
  • Multiple outlet types: hand operated, electro pneumatic, motorised

For more information on our bulk materials handling equipment email or call us on 01377 257483.