LVD Axel 3015S Laser Profiling Machine

The Axel 3015S CO2 Laser profiling machine is the latest asset to our fabrication workshop. The Axel laser offers reliable and consistent laser cutting to guarantee the highest quality results and best productivity.

The laser profiling machine offers huge benefits to our catalogue of services, to offer you a bespoke start to finish service which provides high quality and seamless end results.

Some of the benefits it can offer include:

  • High productivity and fast turnaround
  • High flexibility (4000W CO2 laser source)
  • Our machine is rated to cut –
    • 0.5mm – 20mm Carbon steel
    • 0.5mm- 12mm Stainless steel
    • 0.5mm – 8mm Aluminium
  • Fast cut-to-cut work piece changeover
  • Improved high definition accuracy
  • High reliability
  • Conforms to all current safety standards
  • 1500 x 3000mm work table area
  • Outstanding edge quality
  • Collection/Delivery Service

Please email if you have any questions or you would like a quote.